Olton Golf Club

Hole 18 - 525 Yards, Par 5

Pro's Tips

Intermediate: Avoid the two fairway bunkers to the left of the fairway with a tee shot to the right; your second shot requires you to choose a club that will get your ball to finish on top of the hill before the runout as this will leave you with a straightforward approach off a flat lie rather than a slopy lie if you take too much club.

Advanced: The ideal tee shot will be past the fairway bunkers/slightly to the right of them, this will then leave you with a good view to a green that sits below you. Depending on your situation and confidence will depend on whether you go for the green or layup. If you layup, it is important to finish on the fairway and short of the brook, so you have a good chance of executing a good pitch shot. If you decide to go for the green, ensure you have enough club to take the brook out of play. Finishing short of the green or in the greenside bunkers will leave you with a straightforward up and down for your birdie. 

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