Olton Golf Club

Hole 12 - 311 Yards, Par 4

Pro's Tips

Intermediate: Take the fairway bunkers out of play with your tee shot and pick your club wisely, a 200-yard tee shot will leave you with a mid/short iron into a green that slopes to the left severely – allow for this with your approach shot. If the pin is located back right it will be guarded by a well-placed bunker, take your medicine, and play for the heart of the green to give yourself a straightforward putt.

Advanced: Decide whether you are playing safe or aggressive off the tee as a birdie can be found with a well-played distance wedge or short chip/pitch shot into the green with your approach. Playing conservatively should see a long iron/fairway wood short of the fairway bunkers leaving a wedge shot in; those taking on the green will hug the left-hand rough but be aware of the fairway bunker located short left of the green and catching out any ambitus tee shots that don’t make the green - then leaving you with a long-distance sand shot.

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