Olton Golf Club

Hole 16 - 353 Yards, Par 4

Pro's Tips

Intermediate: Aim your tee shot up the left-hand side as the fairway slopes towards the fairway bunkers on the right – it maybe worth taking a fairway wood instead of driver to take the bunkers out of play. Your approach shot will be up to an elevated green that slopes severely from left to right, ensure you take an extra club, so you do not end up in the steep bunker short of the green.

Advanced: If the fairway bunkers are within your driving distance it maybe be worth hitting something less than driver off the tee, so you do not make the mistake of hitting your tee shot in the bunkers – aim your drive up the left-hand side as the fairway slopes to the right. Your short iron approach will need to be calculated well with the change in elevation. Because the green slopes from left to right a direct line to the pin is not necessary – you can use the undulations to feed your approach towards the pin to give yourself a good look at birdie.

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