Yellow Ball Results

On a pretty fine, still day, 40 players took part in the Seniors Annual Yellow Ball Competition, organised by Brian Warren. To win, each team had to achieve two scores out of the four players, with the yellow ball scoring, as well as one other. All players were involved in driving at least 4 times.

All Yellow Balls were returned, and the results are as below.

1st Place  -  with 113 points, Frank Lambert, playing with Terry Smith, Derek Birt and David Scolding 

2nd Place -  with 112 points, Graham Hoskin, John Molesworth, Sid Woolley and Nigel Hinman (both Graham and Nigel were brought in at the last minute).

3rd Place  -  with 106 points, John Belcher, Tony Turner, Len Jacobs & Tony Beer

A tight finish between the first and second, and fortunately Neil Brenton took a photo to commemorate the occasion.