Toffs and Tuffs 2015 - It was a TUFF day!

It was a truly memorable day at the Toffs & Tuffs. The car park was nearly full at 7.30am and the match was eagerly anticipated by this years captains Peter Heath (Capt Toff) and Ian Gregory (Capt Tuff) knowing that once again we had a full field of 100 players! The weather foecast was mixed but the breakfast banter was fierce and by the time the matches reached the half way house the Toffs fizz & game pie and the Tuffs beer & pork pie & black pudding was welcomed by all.

As the games came in the whispers were in favour of a Toffs landslide however as the results were announced it was all square with two games to  go .... the Tuffs edged in front and then the final result .... the President, Bruce Wilson lost by 11 (Eleven) ... LANDSLIDE TUFFS VICTORY!  TOFFS 25 TUFFS 42

The best dressed Toff was Tim Buttimore.