The Olton Trophy (John Hudson Salver)

The annual competition for the John Hudson Salver was hotly contested on a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon. The contest between the major club teams was a wondeful mix of competitive golfers at their own levels. However it was the Juniors who triumphed on the day for the second year running.

The results were;

1st  - 170 points   Junior Team
2nd - 168 points  West Midlands League Team
3rd  - 165 points  'B' Team
4th  - 161 points   Scratch Team
5th  - 154 points   Ladies Team
6th  - 149 points   'A' Team
7th  - 145 points   Seniors Team

Congratulations to the Junior's!

James Bowen, Josh Beer, Sam Bissell, Reece Wyatt, Nyamul Ali, and Yusaf