The John Lattey Trophy

The John Lattey Trophy is drawing to a close at this time, and it has been a difficult competition to keep track of. The weather has been miserable most of the time, which made conditions even more difficult to cope with, - with carry-bags the order of the day on many occasions.

The league winners were eventually sorted out from each pool, and then cast in stone.

Brent Wormald & Mike Stubbings  v  Tony Beer & Richard Blasdale 

Bob Young & Neil Brenton             v Tony Turner & Terry Smith (a well fancied pair)

Steve Cottier & John Cooper           v Bob Harris & Harry Orme 

Dick Birkin & Richard Lea               v Malcolm Traves & David Lakin 

The ultimate results were:

Tony Beer & Richard Blasdale   v    Bob Young & Neil Brenton

Bob Harries & Harry Orme        v    Dick Birkin & Richard Lea

The Semi - Finals were due to be played on Thursday 25th Feb, so the results will be known by now, to keen followers of the Gnome trophy.