Seniors Yellow Ball Comp 17th Oct 2017

A beautiful afternoon for the Yellow Ball Competition and a great turn out of 40 seniors in teams of four. Full handicap stableford with the best two scores to count - one of which must be the yellow ball - and the yellow ball points are doubled. Judging by the state of the yellow balls handed out this competition has been going for many years. A greenkeeper's work is never done and this afternoon one of the team was engaged in blowing compressed air into the greens to combat compaction. This took the 15th out of play - though no one told yours truly who jogged 140 yards to the green and back to replace the flag, scored a 3 nett 2 for 3 points - which then didn't count.

Anyway, most the important point was that the deserved winners were the team of Peter Harrison, David Mosley, David Newman and Jim Wilde with a score of 103 points. The runners up, 5 points adrift, were Malcolm Traves, John Belcher, Stan Birch and Dick Birkin.