Rules reminders

This section will be changed frequently to remind Junior golfers of the club rules, the rules of golf , and the principles of etiquette that are often abused, either through ignorance or forgetfulness. If you do not have a copy of the rules of golf ask your junior organiser. The following examples have all happened  recently in our competitions and or league matches. In one case we lost a key hole in a match and in the other we had to disqualify a competitor because he signed for a score lower than was correct.

Etiquette on the Course

A reminder to all Juniors. Course etiquette is an essential part of the rules of the game. Poor behaviour and poor conduct on the course is not acceptable. Recent reports have been received regarding the throwing of clubs, the banging of clubs on tees and taking trolleys across tees and onto fringes of the green. If you are caught doing this, you will end up facing disciplinary action including possible suspension from the Club. 

Cheating at Golf – is it worth It?

Honesty, integrity, courtesy: three words that have come to represent the spirit in which the game of golf is played.

Part of that spirit sits beneath the term, ‘etiquette’ and part of it relates to the Rules of Golf. But the Spirit of the Game goes much deeper than just those two tangible terms. It is something that every golfer should develop an innate sense of, something that is born of golf’s unparalleled history, and something which lifts golf, one could argue, above other sports. Whether it’s through divot and pitch-mark repair, or simply through silence on the tee, the spirit of the game dictates that players make sure they give others on the course, often opponents, a fair chance to play the best shot they can. For most of us, the game of golf is self-regulating. There is seldom a referee present so we are reliant upon our own honest adherence to the Rules in order to enjoy the game. As a result we are all occasionally forced to call a penalty on ourselves for infringements which, often, will go unnoticed by everyone else. It is this dependency upon honesty and courtesy that has elevated ‘integrity’ to sacrosanct status. Without them, we may as well hang up our clubs.

The real life story

A TEENAGE golf prodigy who stunned rivals by recording a series of sensational scores got them by CHEATING.  And now the shamed golf prodigy has been thrown out of a Golf Club after being caught filling in score cards for events he hadn't even played in. The 15-year-old cheated in a bid to reduce his handicap and win a scholarship at an American university. The young golfer, who recently played at the Belfry in a national charity event for his school, was caught out after a pal complained about his handicap. Club chiefs called clubs involved in events the young golfer had claimed to participate in and were stunned when told the Academy pupil had never played at them. It's thought the schoolboy, who has represented the national schools team, had claimed to have played at an extra six club championships to boost his handicap. A source said: "the young golfer went from a handicap of 5 to 1 in a very short space of time which sparked some suspicion. "Around a month ago he played a round with a previous club champion and at the end he signed his card and posted a score of 71 but then he altered the score after it had been signed from 71 to 70.  "He came up to the bar afterwards and the guys asked him what he'd scored that day and he said he'd scored a 70 and the guy he was playing with heard this and instantly knew he was lying. "His handicap was frozen and he couldn't play any competitions for six months. This is just something you do not do, cheating at golf is unheard of.

 "If you're caught you'd never find anyone who wants to play golf with you again."

  • Practise on the Course:  At the March committee meeting, it was confirmed that Members may not practise on the course.  A member playing as a single may play up to two balls.
  • Course Etiquette - a reminder to all Juniors, please obey all the rules regarding notices concerning trolleys - you must not take trolleys onto greens or across tees. On various holes you must leave your trolleys in the marked areas i.e holes 3/4, 9/10, 15, 16).
  • Saturday - Juniors with a handicap of 16 or over may not play before 3.00pm.   They may play on Saturday mornings in any competition in which they are eligible to play.
  • Sunday -  Juniors with a handicap of 16 or over may not play before 1.00pm (April-October).
  • Practice on the course before a medal competition is against the rules. One of our juniors was disqualified for playing 3 holes before the junior championship. Practice on the course is allowed before a matchplay competition.
  • Scores must be agreed by both markers and players and signed before the card is handed in . If a player alters his score for a lower score  than actually scored, it is seen as a serious case of cheating warranting disciplinary action by the committee.
  •  We have recently had an incident when two players played a medal and a knockout match in the same round. This is not allowed in the rules of golf and both the medal scores and the match result are null and void.
  • Still a frequently abused rule applies to a ball hit out of bounds. If a ball is hit out of bounds you must play the next shot from where you played the original shot, if that was from the tee you must play from the tee.
  • If a ball lies in a bunker or water hazard a player must not touch the surface of the hazard either before the shot or on the backswing of the shot. Penalty 2 shots in stroke play loss of hole in match play
  • We have had an incident where 2 juniors played a medal outside the official starting time. This time is purposely left clear for non competitiors and can not be used to play in the competition.
  • We have had an instance where two juniors were playing in the club friday stableford . One of them hurt his hand and couldn't continue and walked off the course leaving his fellow competitor without a marker hence not being able to finish his round. This is not acceptable and must not happen again.
  • We are getting too many juniors playing in competitions and not following the correct procedures. You must enter all club competitions before you start your round either in the pros's shop or with the junior organiser for junior comps. for club competitions you must sign you card, enter the score in the computer and put the completed card in the box by the computer. For junior comps you must follow the same procedure but either give the card to the junior organiser or put it into the junior's box by the Professionals shop door.
  • If a stationary ball is moved by another ball it must be replaced in its original position before taking the next shot. failure to do so will mean disqualification in medals and loss of hole in matches
  • When playing in club adult competitions you must enter in the Pro's shop, complete your card and enter into the computer. The completed card must then be placed in the box by the side of the computer. Only cards for the junior's comps should be put into the juniors box by the Professionals shop.
  • Juniors must not pick up balls from the driving range when others are hitting from the range.
  • If a ball is declared unplayable ,you have three options under penalty of one shot; drop a ball within two club lengths of the spot where the ball lay,

    • play a ball as near as possible at the spot from which the original ball was played,
    • drop a ball behind where the ball lay, keeping that point directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped. 
    • drop a ball within 2 club-lengths of the spot where the ball lay not nearer the hole.
  • in the event of thunder and lightening you must mark your ball , stop playing and return to a safe place.  A long blast on the hooter signifies the presence of thunder and lightening but a player ,if he feels in danger, may leave the course even if the hooter has not been heard.
  • Only juniors with a white bag tag are allowed to play before 3-00 pm on Saturdays throughout the year. To get a white tag you need to have a handicap of 15 or lower. These bag tags are available from the secretary or the junior organisers.
  • When playing in a competition or marking a card for handicap purposes a player is responsible to play to the rules of golf and for the accuracy of his score before he signs it. Failure to observe either of these important points will result in disqualification.
  • A player marking a fellow competitor's card is responsible for counting this score and agreeing it with him or her. It is not good enough to just ask him or her what they scored at the end of the hole. You should watch every shot played by your fellow competitor not be walking 100 yards in front. You should agree yours and your markers scores after each hole this will prevent disagreement at the end of the game.
  • Slow play is not acceptable, it inconveniences players behind and gets juniors a bad name.To avoid playing slowly there are a few simple practices that should be followed.
  • Be ready to play your next shot as soon as it is your turn to play.
  • Walk quickly between shots.
  • Keep an eye on your ball and that of your fellow players.  Help to look for their ball if it is lost.
  • You can only take relief without penalty from a new tree that has a supporting stake attached to it. You can obtain relief from any other tree under the unplayable rule 28 and incur a penalty of one shot.
  • On the putting green you or your partner are not allowed to touch the line of a putt to indicate how to play it . Penalty in stroke play 2 strokes, match play loss of hole.
  • If a ball is hit out of bounds you must play the next shot from the place from which the previous shot was played if that shot was played from the tee it must be played from the tee. Some juniors are just dropping a ball 2 clubs from where the ball went out of bounds. This would result in disqualification in medal play or loss of hole in a match.