Provisional Membership

Become a Member for 12 weeks for just £450


There are no restrictions on how many times you can play, and this includes weekends

You can enter, Monthly Competitions ( Medals / Stablefords) but you cannot win them. This enables you to register your scores on our system enabling a quick transition to Full Membership.

There are many opportunities to play…

T & Ts every Tuesday & Thursday

Saturday & Sunday Fiddles

Monthly Medals (one Saturday/Monday)

Monthly Stablefords (One Friday)


You will have full access to the Club and will enjoy a 20% discount across The Bar….drinks only.

You will be welcome to attend Club Functions and you can bring Friends along with pleasure


An ideal opportunity to enjoy OGC and all it has to offer.  A sponsor is  welcomed but not essential.


Please contact Frank Carter  0121 704 1936 option 1 who will be pleased to discuss your application in more detail..