Olton Seniors v Walsall Seniors

On a dry, cloudy day, Olton travelled to Walsall, to meet the best of our opponents. They took a team of eight men, all good and true, but came back with a significant loss, 2.5 v 5.5. Despite the scores in each game, Olton played very spiritedly, and the Bruce Wilson/Martin Dalton, and David Newman/Richard Lea patnerships did excellently to win. And the half by Tony Beer and John Arnold was also not to be sniffed at! Nevertheless, Walsall must have given us credit for actually putting out so many, and I am sure the craique after the game was first class. The results were as follows.

Capt Brian Warren & S Birch            Lost  2 down

Bruce Wilson & Martin Dalton           Won  1 up

Peter Harrison & Malcolm Traves     Lost  7 & 6

John Martin & Dave Mosley              Lost  5 & 4

John Duncombe & Peter Levenger   Lost  2 & 1

David Newman & Richard Lea           Won  3 & 2,

Tony Beer & John Arnold                   Halved

Brian Cheshire & Ken Davies            Lost  7 & 6