Olton Seniors Charity Day

July 14th. On a bright, sunny and great day for golfing, Olton hosted their famed event for their Charity - The Giles Trust, (to prevent brain tumours). In the usual manner, two members from each club we play, play with two members of our Club, and the best two scores out of the four, wins.

This year, and against the odds, the event was won by two Walsall members, Peter Wright and Ken Trickley, playing with Graham Hoskin and Arthur Huke, and their total was a massive 90 points.

In 2nd place was a combination of Shirley and Fulford Heath members, C Cohen, R Kings, P Davies and M Timms who scored 86 points.

In 3rd place was Geoff Chaplin and John Arnold, with R Lowe and J Starbuck, also of Walsall, who were close behind on 85 points..  

Nearest-the-Pin on the 5th was Martin Baines of Druid's Heath, and the Nearest-the-pin on the 15th was Steve Cottier of Olton. 

The Captain thanked all present for coming, and particularly those who had made it all possible, and that was principally down to his Vice-Captain, Terry Hanley and a variety of helpers.

After a few words with the Captain, he pronounced the event a great success, and had raised a goodly sum for his Charity.