Olton Ladies Welcome December in Style.

On Sunday 3rd December a number of ladies took part in the Chic Trot. The competition was expertly organised by Sarah Reid who had chosen “The Roaring 20s” as the theme for the day.  On completion of the competition the ladies duly arrived for lunch to find the Heaton Lounge transformed into a prohibition Speakeasy, but the ladies also rose to the occasion and dressed superbly for the occasion.   

Lady President Sylvia was the winner on the day and received the much treasured trophy from Sarah.  

The Lady Captain’s competition took place on Wednesday 6th December. The task was to complete 14 holes, playing in teams of three, each person with just four clubs and a putter. Again our ladies transformed the golf course playing in the latest golf attire of Sparkle and Tinsel. A touch of Christmas Spirit was available at the half way house, perhaps a bribe by the lady Captain to get so many ladies to take part. 40 ladies then enjoyed lunch together in a very jolly atmosphere.

Ray Davies

Lady Captain