Olton AmAm 2015

On Saturday, 18th July 2015 the sun shone all day long! A pleasing change from 2014!

The green staff had presented teh course in magnificent splendour and it played equally as well. The pins were placed in challenging positions but they made it more enjoyable to play. The bar staff, catering and all the volunteers worked relentlessly throughout the day.

What a day!! A big thank you goes out to all that took part and supported teh event.

The real winners of the day were the members but the prizes were awarded as follows;

First Prize: 
A round at Kilmarnock Brassie GC, stopover at the Gailes Hotel, Irvine then two rounds at Royal Troon Portland and Championship Course.
Winners: The Pellians (87 points) - Mike Pell, Liam Phipps, Ryan Hinsley, Rob Farley

Second Prize: 
PING G30 Drivers
Winners: The Multiple FOREgasms (80 points) - Rob Lakin-Hall, George Parker, Jamie May, Jake Scott

Third Prize: 
ECCO Biom Golf Shoes
Winners: Who Need Men? (77 points) - Bev Belcher, Del Lakin-Hall, Jane Fitzpatrick, Claire Howells

Fourth Prize: 
PING Glide Wedges
Winners: G K K (77 points) - George Kennedy, David Fisher, Geoff Bowden, Steve Jinks

Fifth Prize: 
MotoCaddy cart Bags
Winners: The Muffins (76 points) - Nick Walters, Moray Hulme, Ian Major, Guy Roberts

Sixth Prize: 
Oscar Jacobsen Golf Chirts
Winners: Hill Street (76 points) - Michael King, Westley Butterworth, Sean King, Michael McRory