Olton 100's

In their Autumn Meeting, on September 25th, on a glorious sunny day, 30 players from Olton 100's were embarked on a bright Texas Scramble, chivvied, of course, by their leader, Mark Hopton. 22 of them played 18 holes and the remaining 8 were reduced to 9 holes.

In the 18 hole game, a strong partnership of Bob Standley, Malcolm Page, Neil Jones and Gary Cashmore (both of the latter playing for the first time), came out the winners,  

In 2nd place was Mark Hopton, Jim Wild, Brian Burgess and Kit Morton, and close behind were the team of Frank Lambert, Sheila Hudson, Pat Hazard and Mike Padmore

In the 9 hole meeting, the winners were Alan Bates, Jill French, Dallas Lightfoot and Tony Wilde

All agreed that the day had been superb, with wonderful weather, and beautifully organised by Mark Hopton, in his own inimitable style.