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The Green Cardigan

On April10th, the final day of the Masters, the weather looked suspect all day but it did not deter the enthusiasm for this event!

It was the 8th year that the competition had taken place and the event continues to grow in popularity. There were 94 competitors who took part and everyone had a great golfing experience.
The winner of The Green Cardigan was Ed Emmett, who has only recently joined the Golf Club, and Susan McKenna won The Goat Coat!

Yet again Paul Sykes and George Parker organised another successful Green Cardigan Competition. 

Our thanks to these two young men for organising a great event!

Beer & Skittle's Night was 'just a ball' for Ray Davies

The Beer & Skittles evening was a great success with so many teams entered that we had to schedule a team of skittle-men to reset after each go!

There was a team event that was won by Ray Davies' team which was followed by a sudden death singles finale to the evening that was also won by Ray Davies ... 

Had someone been practising you may ask .... the old competitive spirit defintely kicked-in and provided tremendous excitement to end the evening.

Showing 86 - 87 of 87 Items (Page 18 of 18)