More exciting updates!

The fall from grace after the defeat to Shirley was ended by another postponement, this time the away match at Fulford Heath was postponed due to bad weather and course conditions. It is hoped we can re arrange for 13th October.

Next up was the match against Old Sils GS for the Geoff Stubbings Memorial Trophy. As the opposition turned up one player short I did the decent thing and sought a replacement from anyone else at the club. The foxes paw was to spot Dhiren Patel and invite him to play which was exacerbated by he and his partner teeing off from the third meaning that our two players who had shots on first and second never got to use them as the match was over before they reached the first. I have spoken to Lalit and asked that in future he advise his son that when playing against his own club he is duty-bound to try and lose. As Dhiren is now taller than Lalit this has not been progressed nor has his pocket money been stopped.

However, the individual game scores were: Keith Scott and Ken Crossland lost 5/4, Godfrey Frith and Lalit Patel won 6/5, Richard Blasdale and Gary Miller lost 4/3, Richard Lea and Brian Warren won 5/3, Mike Symons and Bob Gay and Steve Cottier together with Dennis Pick halved the remaining two games, the overall match result being a half. As the current holders of the trophy the B Team retained the pot and I shall therefore class this match as a win in an attempt to massage this years results!

Wed 29th June saw the visit of Handsworth GC and despite heavy rain leading up to the match we went ahead in what turned out to be improving conditions. This meant Bhinder had to forego the cost of a locum and play and Harry Kenth also joined in even though he spent the previous two days asking if it was still on, presumably in the hope of a cancellation! In fairness our opposition had also questioned whether the match would go ahead. It is testament to the hard work of our greenstaff that the course was fully open and available to play. An overall victory 4-2 to Olton ensued ; Nigel Hinman and Harry Kenth won 7/6, Godfrey Frith and Ian Sparkes won 3/1, Dave Lakin and Terry Tucker won 4/3 as did Peter Harrison and Bhinder Jheeta. Gerry Donohoe and David Newman lost 2/1 and Steve Cottier and Mike Symons lost by 1.

As with the match against Old Sils we enjoyed excellent catering after the match, receiving many favourable comments from our opponents.

July's first match was away to Maxstoke on 7th. This being three days before their Club Championship we were presented with a course in excellent condition but narrowly lost the match 3 1/2 to 2 1/2 and could have walked away with a half had yours truly not messed up on the 18th when lying dormie. Ah, the burdens of captaincy weigh heavily on ones shoulders!

The scores were : Mike Symons and Martin Dalton won 2/1, Dave Lakin and David Newman lost 7/5, Peter Earl and Lalit Patel lost 4/3, Peter Millane and David Goodhead lost 5/3, Gerry Donohoe and Jim Wild won 6/5 and Steve Cottier and Dermot Geoghegan halved.

I am grateful to all the players who have supported the B Team so far this year and welcome those playing their first games of the season. I hope that as we enter the summer holiday period we can continue with this level of support and field full strenth teams throughout. 


Steve Cottier

B Team Captain