Liam Phipps wins the Warwickshire Matchplay title

In a keenly contested final, Liam Phipps took the title for the second time with a 3 & 2 victory over Joe Macilwraith. Liam was 3 up after 16 holes in the morning and 4 under par but bogeys at 17th and 18th reduced the deficit to one at the break.

Wins at 6th and 7th gave Joe a glimmer of hope but a birdie at 9 meant Liam turned 2 up. A birdie at 12th from Joe was followed with another 3 putt at 13th......with the next two holes halved in par, the inevitable came at 16th when both players pushed their tee shots towards the trees and Liam won the hole

The match was played in the right spirit and both lads were a credit to our golf club.

Charles Haynes - Professional