Late Seniors' Results

After a season which had not gone entirely according to plan, it was with some trepidation that Captain Syd led out his team against the Ladies. In a great encounter, the scores emerged as a half -  4.5 - 4.5. Captain Syd was magnaminous in his few words, and with the match sheet lost, no one knew what they did to each other, - a draw was declared a fair result .

In the same way, Captain Syd was equally concerned, when the Junior match came round. The Juniors had won this match over the last 5 years, and yours truly was sick to death of putting forward excuses for the Old Boys! In fact, the Juniors had won all their matches so far this season, so his concern was spot on! But on this occasion, "it was all the more satisfying that we saved our best till last", said Syd! 

Capt Syd Madeley & Steve Cottier beat Joe Macilwraith and James Bowen    2 & 1

Brian Warren & Colin MacMillan beat Parsons & Joseph Geoghegan             2 & 1

Bruce Wilson & Tony Beer beat Thomas Averil & Josh Beer                           4 & 2

Terry Smith & Dave Goodhead beat Reece Wyatt & Jonathan Chapman       2 & 1

But what a result, - as the Junior Captain, Joe Macilwraith, who has carried all before him throughout this season, was unfortunately one of the losers.

In his remarks after the match, Joe congratulated the Seniors on their win, and thanked the Seniors for their generosity in contributing £400 to the Juniors Section. Joe was also very gracious, as he handed the Rainbird Trophy, once again, back to the Seniors.