Club Etiquette and Dress Code

Conditions for Visiting Societies

The Club wishes to ensure that Societies enjoy their visit and playing our Course.

Details agreed with organisers are published to members so that they can arrange their games to fit in with visitors and it is therefore essential that such arrangements are strictly adhered to.

  • Bookings are normally accepted from societies whose members have recognised Club Handicaps.  Handicap Certificates may be requested.
  •  Confirmation of numbers ( golf/catering) are required at least 3 days before the event.
  • On arrival, the Organiser must report to the Secretary's Office, or Club Professional, at least 30 minutes prior to play to confirm details of numbers, starting times, payment of fees and to collect green fee tickets. 

Strict adherance to agreed tee times is vital as members have priority outside those agreed times

  • Societies play from YELLOW TEES (Lady visitors from the RED TEES)
  • We especially request that your players are conversant with the rules and etiquette of golf.
  • Avoid slow play, repair all pitch marks on the greens, replace divots and rake all bunkers after any shot played from them.
  • Please comply with the on course notices. Keep trolleys and buggies off all tees, outside greenside bunkers and off the fringes of greens. Please keep carry bags off all tees and off the fringes of greens.
  • Electric trolleys and Buggies are allowed if ground conditions permit. Restrictions on buggies etc are displayed on the day and are also available on a daily recorded message on the Course Manager's telephone number, 0121 711 4143. Buggies are available for hire subject to availability, please check before your visit. Own buggies may be used by visitors with prior consent, provided evidence of insurance is shown on the day.
  • We especially ask that mobile phones are not used within the Clubhouse,  or on the Course.

Dress Code.


Members,Guests & Visitors are expected to show respect for The Clubhouse & for each other at all time.

Footwear - Trainers are not allowed at any time on the course or in the Clubhouse - unless for medical reasons and with the permission of the Honorary Secretary. Stocking Feet are not acceptable in the Clubhouse.

Denim clothing is permitted in and around the Clubhouse premises unless otherwise specified for particular events. Denim should be smart,neat and clean, not multi-coloured, torn or frayed

Tracksuits are not allowed


HEATON LOUNGE - Smart casual and not the clothes you have played golf in that day.

The appropriate dress code for events held in the Heaton Lounge will be specified in the details/information notice of the event and will be one of the following three categories:

Smart Casual

  • Tailored Shirt either short or long sleeves.
  • Long Tailored Trousers; Smart single coloured Jeans(no tears/fraying)
  • Formal Shoes
  • Jacket optional,Tie not required.

Jacket and Tie

  • Jacket and Tie
  • Tailored Shirt 
  • Long Tailored Trousers; Smart single coloured Jeans(no tears/fraying)
  • Formal Shoes

Black Tie

Dress Code - Golf Course

The following is required and acceptable unless stated otherwise:

  • Golf shoes.
  • Socks worn with shorts may be “trainer socks”, short socks (predominately white) or long socks 
  • Tailored Shorts are acceptable.  Cargo shorts with side pockets are not.
  • Tailored Trousers, plus twos and plus fours.
  • Golf shirts are required.  Football or rugby shirts are not allowed except for notified special events.
  • Shirts must be tucked in unless they are specifically designed to be worn outside of trousers.  It is however, preferred that they be tucked in.
  • Shirts without a collar must have sleeves.
  • Shirts with large logo’s or shoestring straps are not permitted.
  • Trousers must not be visibly tucked into socks (beneath over-trousers is ok).
  • Hats must be worn in a conventional manner.

Visitors are requested to give consideration to Green Staff and are reminded that they have priority at all times.

  • Lady Visitors change in the Lady Members' Locker Room accessed through the door on the course side of the Club House. No towels are provided.
  • The Gentlemen Visitors' Changing Room is located on the course side of the Clubhouse and access is from the terrace only. No towels are provided.
  • The Club accepts no responsibility for loss or theft. Personal belongings and golf clubs should be locked away immediately after play.