Bill Danter Salver ( for Working Party only)

A decent morning arrived, and although there was a smattering of rain, it was not too much to put anyone off.

Malcolm Black and Dennis Pick weren't playing today, so there was a good chance for a fine upstanding youngster to come forward and win the event, in the end.

And so it proved, - Graham Hoskin was the overall winner with a score of 33 points, just sneaking it from Graham Siddle, also with 33 points, on count-back. Neil Brenton came third, just snatching it from Bruce Wilson, also on count-back.

At the Lunch after, Mark Smith was congratulated on the work being done on the bunkers, and Neil was once again thanked by the work force for his leadership. 

As part of that organization, Neil announced that two members had now retired - John Molesworth, (whose preferrence was to take the money instead!), and Kit Morton, who felt that we had finally escaped the end, as everyone else who had finished in harness, died on the job! RIP to those people (J Cooper, J Hudson, B.Danter, B.Cartwright, J.Lattey & B.Hudson), and may they all rest in peace.