The B team continues with its run of success with another win, this time against Old Silhillians G.S. at Olton for the Geoff Stubbings Trophy On Wednesday 21st June.

With Keith Scott having Captained two other club teams to victory on the preceding Monday and Tuesday it was a no-brainier to get him to Captain the B Team and go for a remarkable hat-trick of wins, which he duly did - well done Keith on achieving that and well done the rest of the team too.

Tragedy struck right at the start when Bruce Wilson forgot to take his wallet out of his back pocket and leave it in his locker and ended up injuring his back warming up ! Get well soon Bruce. Thankfully our ever reliable House Manager Mark Gibbons rallied to the cause and stepped in for Bruce at the last minute - thanks again for that Mark, I assume you managed to get yourself a pint as a reward.

Our only losers on the day were Lalit Patel and Gary Miller while halves were achieved by Martin Dalton and Mark Gibbons and David Newman and Derek Birt. The victorious pairings were Richard Blasdale and John Pegg, Dave Lakin and Jim Wild, Keith Scott and Ian Sparkes.

That's 5 in a row for the B Team!! So far this season we have won 6, halved 1, lost 2.

The bad news is I am back playing and will Captain the team against Handsworth in the next match so those statistics might not look so good soon!

Steve Cottier