B Team v Walmley away

Sadly our unbeaten run came to a resounding halt away to Walmley on 26th April. We arrived in time to console our Seniors team who for some reason managed to be playing away to Walmley on the morning of the same day. At 1:40 pm the course was looking excellent from the first tee. By 1:45 it resembled an Arctic landscape after a heavy shower of sleet. Had I anticipated the forthcoming demolition I would have agreed an honourable half at this point as Walmley were yet to win a match. Sadly the sun soon came out, the course returned to green and like the riding of the 600 into the valley of death we strode. The course was very well presented and I'm sure everyone enjoyed an afternoon's golf in spite of the result. Honourable halves were achieved by Martin Dalton with Mike Symons, and Steve Cottier with Terry Tucker. Jim Wild and David Newman succumbed 8/6,Harry Kenth and Nigel Hinman lost 4/2 and Derek Birt with Bob Harris and Colin Macmillan with Ken Crossland both lost 3/2.

My thanks to the late substitutes who stood in at the last minute to make up our team.

Fortunately or unfortunately dependant on your point of view, I am now incapacitated with a broken wrist for several weeks and so I am looking for assistance in captaining the team during the next few matches and sadly yet another year will pass when I have failed to win the B Team Medal.

Also thanks to Gerry Donohoe for stepping in to Captain our team against Harborne today (May 2nd) and to the last minute substitutes who have made up the team - your efforts are greatly appreciated, as are the kind offers of other last minute volunteers to come to our rescue from a team of 8 to a team of 12 with 3 reserves in a matter of hours. Thank you so much for your support.


Steve Cottier

B Team Captain