B Team v Robin Hood away 3rd August

What a day! Horrendous showers in the morning looked likely to spoil an afternoon of competitive B Team golf against our old rivals Robin Hood.

Thankfully the clouds parted just in time to give us a dry afternoon on a course that was in excellent condition - (nice to see they are looking after our old venue!!)

A  welcome return for Mike Mayo to the B team fold and also Neil Lucas who assures me his early absences were down to a level of golfing ability even he was embarrassed by!

But the real cause for celebration must be the win by Neil and his partner John "Jonah" Brady who finally got the monkey off his back with his first ever B Team win - could this be the start of something great??

My personal thanks to my playing partner Ken Crossland who played a magnificent round of golf to help me win 7-5 against their B Team Captain.

Gerry Donohoe and Dave Lakin came from 2 down to win by 1 - many thanks to Dave for turning up when he sadly lost a loved pet yesterday, I know how bad that can feel.

And as already mentioned Neil Lucas and John Brady won 4-3.

Mike Symons and Richard Blasdale suffered a dog licence defeat while Mike Mayo and Harry Kenth lost 4-3.

Derek Birt and Paul Higgins succumbed 3-1 meaning the overall match was halved.

Lists are on the board for our remaining fixtures as well as the B Team Medal so please get your names up now.


Steve Cottier