B Team v Ladbrook and the year so far

Last week's match at home to Ladbrook saw the first return match of the season. Having lost away it was gratifying to even things out with a home victory against a determined Ladbrook team winning 4/2.

Nigel Hinman and Jim Wild won 3/2 as did Mike Symons and Peter Millane.

Lalit Patel and Gerry Donohoe won 2/1 and halves were secured by Ian Barratt and David Goodhead as well as Steve Cottier and Ken Crossland. Unfortunately Dave Lakin and Bob Harris succumbed 6/4.

Our season so far of 11 matches has produced 3 Wins, 3 Halves and 5 Losses. Lets hope during the remainder of the season we can redress the balance.

Next up we have two annual fixtures, Edgbaston on Tuesday 19th at home followed on27 July at home to Moor Hall whom it is good to see back on our circuit after several years absence.

Let's hope that if we win these matches gracefully they may consider home and away next year!

I realise we are now into the holiday season and some players will be away but I hope you can continue with your fantastic support. Many of the Captains at other clubs have told of their difficulties in raising teams which is something we at Olton have so far managed to avoid and I am most grateful for all your efforts.

Onwards and upwards team!!


Steve Cottier