B Team v Kenilworth

Following on from a relatively positive start to the season (one match halved and two postponed), we entered the fray against Kenilworth on 20 April at home, fielding what on paper seemed to be a pretty strong team. The course was in great condition, many compliments received from our visitors, and bright sunshine throughout the afternoon.

Unfortunately the description of our team turned out to be far from the truth - the strength deserted us and I don't think any of the players could be described as pretty!

The result was as follows:

Dave Lakin & Paul Higgins - lost 4/3

Malcolm Traves & Derek Birt - lost by 3

Peter Millane & Richard Blasdale - lost 2/1

Graham Hoskin & Godfrey Frith - lost by 2l

Lali Patel & Bruce Wilson - lost 5/4


Steve Cottier & Dennis Pick - won 3/1

Overall a 5/1 defeat.

Don't forget the B Team medal on 18th May followed by fine dining with sausage, egg and chips.

Steve Cottier