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B Team v Robin Hood and end of season

Our final match of the season resumed the alarming slump in form as we succumbed to our 5th  spanking of the season losing 5-1. My thanks to Ian Sparkes for acting as Captain in my absence but despite his playing to 8 below his handicap, he and partner Keith Scott lost by 1. Ian Barratt and Dave Lakin went down 3-2 as did Derek Birt and Bob Harris. Dick Birkin and Malcolm Traves lost 4-2 while David Newman and Alan Schofield lost 4-3.

Our only winners on the day were David Nicholas and Nigel Hinman who won 3-1.

So our final tally for the season was Won 10, Halved 3, Lost 8 and Cancelled 1 which in my view means a winning season overall.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has played for the B Team this season, for all your efforts win or lose, your hospitality towards all our guests making them feel welcome at Olton Golf Club and for putting up with my post match jokes throughout the season. Thanks to those of you who have volunteered at short notice to fill in the empty spaces when availability has been reduced so that once again Olton Golf Club has fielded a full B team for every fixture - something I know some of our rivals struggle to match.

A special thanks to Gerry Donohoe, Mike Symons, Ken Crossland, Keith Scott and Ian Sparkes who between them managed to ensure our team was ably led in my absence through injury, idleness and inability. I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of being your B Team Captain over the last two years and hope we continue to thrive long into the future.

So my tenure as B Team Captain comes to a close with the B Team Dinner on 15th November, when Lalit Patel takes over. I hope you will give him your continued support next year.

The Dinner on 15th November will I hope be an entertaining evening that as many as possible of you will attend.The cost remains at £25 per person and we have this year reverted to employing a professional speaker/comedian in Lea Roberts - an ex rugby league player - to entertain one and all after a meal of Tiger Prawn Thermidor followed by a Beef Roast carved at the table with Mulled Pear Cheesecake dessert and a bottle or two of vino on the table to wash it all down. Any dietary requirements can be referred to the caterers  nearer the date.

The dinner is open all OGC members, not just B Team Players, as well as friends if space permits so anyone wishing to attend please sign up on the sheet on the B Team noticeboard as soon as possible - the sheet should be up Sunday 7th October.

Best Wishes to you all,


Steve Cottier

B Team v Fulford Heath

My prophecy came true - if only I could predict the lottery numbers as well.

Under Keith Scott's captaincy, thanks yet again Keith, our guys recorded a 3 and a half to two and a half victory over our visitors from Fulford.

With no reserves available, the cry went out "Get Carter". Sounds like a film title to me. Anyway, the man whose name is synonymous with all things OGC, Frank Carter, rallied to the cry and swept aside a thrusting young blade of 22 playing off 7 as he and Gerry Donohoe won 3/2  - you never lose it do you Frank? Dick Birkin and Andy Watkinson also won 2/1. Bruce Wilson and Martin Dalton had the heaviest defeat losing 5/4 and Richard Blasdale and Jim Wild narrowly lost by 1. Keith Scott and Ian Sparkes came in all square but the triumph of the day was surely Ken Crossland and Malcolm Traves who recorded a massive 8/6 win !! Was it thirst that drove them to the bar early? 

The great news is that with one match left - Robin Hood at home on 4th October - we have won 10, halved 3 and lost 7 - so overall it has been a successful season. My thanks to all our players.

Don't forget to keep 15th November free in your diaries for the B Team dinner - a professional guest speaker has been booked to help us rise above mediocrity !!


Steve Cottier

B Team v Handsworth away

Well, the team continues riding on the crest of a slump as the season draws nearer to a close.

Confusion reigned as Olton's diary etc reflected a 1:30 tee off. Unbeknown to our team, with the exception of Ian Sparkes who obviously doesn't read his emails, our hosts Handsworth had it down as a 2:30 start. This clearly upset our team who were primed, ready and in the zone only to be distracted by the delaying tactics of the opposition.

Not that he was rushed (having arrived in good time for a 2:30 tee off) but Ian Sparkes with Derek Birt was one of three pairings to lose 4/3, the others being Gerry Donohoe and Bruce Wilson and Jim Wild with Malcolm Traves. Marginally better were Harry Kenth and Kevin Reilly who lost 3/1 while Paul Higgins (obviously preoccupied by his forthcoming 60th birthday) and Terry Tucker lost by one.

Fortunately, your intrepid Captain and Andy Watkinson managed to avoid the whitewash with a 2/1 victory.

That's now three in a row we have lost 5-1 so I doubt Dickie Bowen our OGC Sports Editor will be sending out an email acknowledging our achievements. There have been three players who have participated in each of these matches, but only one who has lost all three - coincidence?

The game was followed by a carve-at-the-table meal reminiscent of OGC - I wonder where they got their caterers from?

We have two home games left to try and stop the rot. Sadly due to other commitments I am unable to participate in either, however since the team was particularly successful during my enforced absence earlier in the season I am confident we shall return to winning ways.


Steve Cottier

B Team Captain


B Team Captain 2018-19

I am absolutely delighted to announce that Lalit Patel has agreed to take over the role of B Team Captain for 2018-2019.

This is a very popular appointment amongst not only the B Team but the club as a whole and I hope everyone will rally round to give Lalit every support he might need in the future.


I am also pleased to announce that Andy Watkinson has agreed to be Lalit's Vice-Captain.


Steve Cottier  

B Team v Shirley

Ye Gads!

The slump continues as we stagger towards the finishing line.

Our wily old duo of Jim Wild and David Nicholas were very unlucky to come up against a Shirley player who went round in gross 71 off a 10 handicap - I have offered to introduce him to their handicap committee! Needless to say this was a 6/5 defeat, hard luck guys.

Gerry Donohoe's run of form has come to an abrupt end as he and partner Paul Evans lost 4/3. Neal Lucas and Nigel Hinman were beaten 2/1 and Dave Lakin and I finished 1 down.

Keith Scott and Ian Sparkes have kept their score a secret but unfortunately it was also a defeat.

Our sole victors on the day and avoiding a whitewash were Andy Watkinson and (surprisingly) John "Jonah" Brady who won 1 up - well done chaps.

So that leaves us with just three matches to go - Handsworth away, Fulford Heath and Robin Hood at home.

There are still some opportunities for B Team players to attend our opponents B Team dinners -  which normally include a round of golf as well as dinner and I would be grateful if any available slots are filled as soon as possible as I need to reply to the invitations - details are on the B Team Noticeboard.

Steve Cottier

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