B Team Medal for the F.L Knock trophy

The B Team medal for the F.L.Knock trophy took place on 18 th May with a healthy field of 30 players (not to be confused with a field of 30 healthy players.)

As Captain I felt it would be unbecoming to triumph on this occasion and I overachieved in this respect by coming last.

I am delighted that Martin Dalton, a B Team stalwart for many years, rose to the occasion with a nett 70 and his moment of triumph is already displayed on the club website.

George Mitchell on 71 just pipped Bob Gay on the back nine count back for second and third places respectively.

Contrary to earlier postings regarding the menu, the event was followed by another excellent 'carve at the table' meal from our caterers.

oh well, maybe next year for me.

Nice that Ken Crossland took time out for the event from his new role as the Marlboro Cigarette man