A Life in the Day .... Ken Wilkinson

Club member Ken Willinson, 97, a Spitfire pilot during the Battle of Britain and Past Captain of OGC.

Ken has been celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain and was highlighted on the TV in the Buckingham Palace photo shoot of war veterans. His recent interview for the Sunday Times Magazine was a resume of 'A Day in the Life' where Ken describes his typical day starting at 7.30am, turning on the radio, making breakfast and reading the newspaper. He recollects the summer of 1940 when he used to rise at 4am to wait for the Flight Commander to tell them the Germans are on their way!

A member of 616 and 19 Squadrons, his role as a Spitfire pilot was to protect the Industrial Midlands from German bombers. He confessed to not having any lucky charms but did wear a pair of his wife's knickers around his neck!

After the war he became a Chartered Surveyor and remembering days of when he was more mobile, he recalls playing golf at Olton Golf Club and being club captain. Ken has enjoyed the memorial events over the years and especially the recent visit to Buckingham Palace to watch a fly-past of old planes with the Queen, wearing his medals and having a slap-up lunch at the RAF Club with Prince Philip and Prince William.

Let us not forget what our club member has experienced in his life and make him aware that the younger generatons really appreciate how close we came to being a suburb of Berlin.

A great article Ken! You make us feel proud to have you amongst us.