1893 Club

The 1893 Club is in full swing with golf clubs around the world having joined. Golf clubs formed in 1893 have been invited to join the club and offer one courtesy round of golf per year to members of all other 1893 clubs. There are more than 50 clubs worldwide formed in 1893 with an intial 18 registered.


1893 Club Rules

1. The clubs forming ‘The 1893 Club’ offer courtesy to members of the other clubs once per calendar year per individual member on a simple reciprocal basis. 
2. Any tee times, bookings and arrangements to play to be made in advance with the secretary of the respective club. 
3. Only members of those clubs registered with The 1893 Club can take advantage of the courtesy. Guests of club members will not be offered courtesy. 
4. Approval to play criteria may involve a letter of introduction from a “home” club and/or a handicap certificate and should be confirmed by the player in advance of the visit. 
5. All dress codes and club rules must be observed at all times.

Olton Golf Club excludes the reciprocal agreement to clubs less than 10 miles from the club. 

Olton Golf Club is proud to be a member of the 1893 Club, founded by Wellingborough Golf Club to offer reciprocal golf, under the regulations of the initiative, to the members of the following clubs: