125 Celebration Am Am

Our Celebration Week started with 25 Teams enjoying an AM-AM in glorious conditions and the Course a true picture. The Greens were a bit slow ...running at 12 on the stimp metre!

Before I name the winners I have a few thankyou's

Circle Golf for providing Hole in One Prizes on all the Par 3s.....no winners!

Linda Cooper for sitting on the Bench at the 5th to ensure fair play..awesome xx

Marstons for providing free drinks at the Half Way House

Julia( Marstons) & Trish for looking after us at the Half Way House

Mark & his Team for preparing the Course in such a fab way

Mark & his Team for looking after us in the Clubhouse & Will & his Team for feeding us so well

and now to the Winners with a truly magnificent score of 89 points....par on the Day 76. Winning by 6 clear shots!

Dave Lakin, Paul Higgins, Terry Tucker & Nic Turvey. 

Fab start to the Week...and just as a final comment £600 was raised for the Captains Charity