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B team v Coventry and v Maxstoke

Congratulations to Ian Sparkes who currently holds the B Team Captain record of played none, won none, halved none and lost none after his first foray as stand-in Captain for the match against Coventry was called off !!

Wednesday 16th August saw the visit of Maxstoke to OGC, a difficult fixture against a team who have only lost two games this season.

The overall result was a half with two wins for OGC - Gerry Donohoe and Malcolm Traves recording a thumping dog licence victory of 7 and 6, and David Nicholas and Jim Wild winning 1 up. Nigel Hinman and Peter Meaney recorded a half as did Lalit Patel with Ian Sparkes. Keith Phipps and Dave Lakin succumbed 4 and 3. Andy Watkinson in his first B team match of the season was unfortunately partnered by Steve Cottier and we lost by 1.

Next week sees the B Team Medal for the F L Knock trophy followed on 30th August with an away match at Kenilworth.

MONDAY 4th September we are at home to Shirley and currently there are only a few names on the board so if anyone can make themselves available for the match please add your names to the list. 

Steve Cottier

B Team v Robin Hood away 3rd August

What a day! Horrendous showers in the morning looked likely to spoil an afternoon of competitive B Team golf against our old rivals Robin Hood.

Thankfully the clouds parted just in time to give us a dry afternoon on a course that was in excellent condition - (nice to see they are looking after our old venue!!)

A  welcome return for Mike Mayo to the B team fold and also Neil Lucas who assures me his early absences were down to a level of golfing ability even he was embarrassed by!

But the real cause for celebration must be the win by Neil and his partner John "Jonah" Brady who finally got the monkey off his back with his first ever B Team win - could this be the start of something great??

My personal thanks to my playing partner Ken Crossland who played a magnificent round of golf to help me win 7-5 against their B Team Captain.

Gerry Donohoe and Dave Lakin came from 2 down to win by 1 - many thanks to Dave for turning up when he sadly lost a loved pet yesterday, I know how bad that can feel.

And as already mentioned Neil Lucas and John Brady won 4-3.

Mike Symons and Richard Blasdale suffered a dog licence defeat while Mike Mayo and Harry Kenth lost 4-3.

Derek Birt and Paul Higgins succumbed 3-1 meaning the overall match was halved.

Lists are on the board for our remaining fixtures as well as the B Team Medal so please get your names up now.


Steve Cottier



As I expected, last week's defeat only served to inspire our bold heroes to another great victory, this time away to Moor Hall.

It was my first time playing their course and in the bright sunshine I had a great day in a close match partnered by Malcolm Black which we won 2 and 1.

Our other winning combinations were Ian Phipps and Graham Hoskin who came home with a 3 and 2 win while Ken Crossland and Ian Sparkes also won 4 and 2.

Nigel Hinman and Jim Wild halved their match despite Jim battling on while feeling unwell and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Richard Blasdale with David Nicholas lost 4 and 3.

Apologies to Derek Birt whom I partnered with the B team "Jonah" John Brady. I had hoped Derek might have helped John break his duck but sadly John managed to extend his record of  never having won a B Team game!! Every golfer strives for consistency in their game John, but perhaps this might be the exception !!

Nevertheless I am grateful for John's willingness to sign up for B team golf as we have struggled at times to raise 12 players - our match away to Coventry Finham on 9th August is a case in point where we are currently short of numbers and equally so for our home match v Maxstoke on 16th August - so if anyone can make themselves available for these games it would be appreciated.

B Team v Edgbaston

Oh Dear! A trip to the big city ended in a bit of a thrashing courtesy of our hosts, Edgbaston.

On a warm  sunny afternoon the rolling fairways presented a good test of golf which unfortunately favoured the home team who romped home to a 5 1/2 to 1/2  win.

Thanks to Ken Crossland and Ian Phipps who prevented the whitewash by achieving a half after being 2 down with three to play. Our next best results were achieved by Ian Sparkes with Dave Lakin and Steve Cottier with Lalit Patel, both pairings losing 2 and 1.

Malcolm Black and Nigel Hinman succumbed 4 and 3 while Gerry Donahoe and Malcolm Dalton lost the 6 and 5 - no doubt Gerry wishes he hadn't stepped in as a last minute replacement!!

The deadly duo Harry Kenth and Jim Wild, a previously reliable pairing, had the ignominy of going down by a dog-licence - younger readers may need to ask your grandparents for the explanation.

As if the result wasn't bad enough, to add insult to injury their Captain told the very joke I had prepared for my thank you speech. Memo to self - have more than one joke to hand in future.

Steve Cottier

B team v Ladbrook Park 12 July

Back to winning ways after last week's blip !! A fine win at home thanks to a couple of last minute subs stepping in to ensure we had a full team.

Ian Sparkes fresh from his vitamin D boost in Spain partnered the ever-willing late sub Keith Scott to a 2-1 win. Peter Meaney making his first appearance of the season partnered Richard Blasdale to a 3-2 victory which was matched by stalwarts Martin Dalton and Lalit Patel.

The wily old duo of Harry Kenth and Jim Wild continued their winning partnership with a victory 2 up and the deadly duo (we once qualified for the International Pairs semi finals) of Steve Cottier and Dennis Pick also won 3-2.

A less impressive and least desired record of losing every B Team match so far this season was upheld by John Brady who managed to drag Keith Phipps to the dark side of golf.


It is a great testament to OGC that a friend of our Competitions Secretary John Hall happened to play for Ladbrook in this match and emailed him to say how good our course and catering were. Well done to all concerned.


The sign up sheets are on the board for all the matches in August including the B TEAM MEDAL for the F.L.KNOCK Trophy on 23rd August. This is a board competition where the winner has his name held in perpetuity on a board in the clubhouse. (If no-one else joins in I might be in with a chance of winning so feel free to miss this one !!!)


Steve Cottier













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